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Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Free, 16-Page e-Book About Reverse Mortgages

For those of you interested in learning more about reverse mortgages--and there's plenty to know!--you might want to check out a new, free, 16-page e-book about reverse mortgages that's just been released.

For the impatient souls out there, click this link to jump directly to the free e-book, and use the password reverse mortgage when prompted (include the space between the words "reverse" and "mortgage" when you type the password.)

Or, for some background about the release of this e-book, check out the snippet from today's press release below:

"Reverse mortgages are one of the hottest tools around for enhancing retirement income. The National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association (NRMLA) reports that March 2006 saw a record number of new reverse mortgages originated. This trend is sure to continue as baby boomers reach retirement age, many not having set aside enough savings to enjoy a secure retirement.

But as popular as reverse mortgages are, they are also complex and very costly loans in many situations. Put simply, reverse mortgages are not for everyone. A free 16-page e-book now available at www.reverse-mortgage-information.org, will help baby boomers nearing retirement, senior citizens looking for additional income, or children with elderly parents determine whether or not a reverse mortgage makes sense for them.

Based on his own family’s experience, author Tim Paul lays out seven specific questions that should be answered by anyone considering a reverse mortgage:

  • Am I the right age for a reverse mortgage?
  • How long do I expect to stay in my home?
  • How long do I expect to live?
  • How much additional income do I need?
  • How much equity do I have and how much can I borrow?
  • Have I considered other options?
  • How important is it to me to leave an estate?

The book provides specific tips, resources, worksheets and other guidance for reaching answers to each question.

'Working through the questions and steps in this book will clarify the issues that are most important and prepare the reader to make an informed decision about a reverse mortgage,' Paul notes.

The free e-book, Is a Reverse Mortgage Right for Me? can be downloaded at http://www.reverse-mortgage-information.org/is-a-reverse-mortgage-right-for-me/. The book is also available for distribution."

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